Spotlight on Actor Adam Ferguson (Hudson Cash)

“I’m an avid believer in overcoming our weaknesses and addictions, as I’ve done in my own past,” says Adam Ferguson, the lead actor in Evan Kidd’s Son of Clowns.

Ferguson grew up in North Carolina and is a former member of the Raleigh-based rock band Alesana. After four years of recording and touring with the band, he realized he needed to pursue other interests. A multitalented artist, Ferguson continues to play music on his own, and three years ago he began acting after a friend urged him to audition for a part in a film. “Ever since that first audition,” Ferguson reflects, “I’ve been in love with acting.”


Adam Ferguson as lead Hudson Cash in Son of Clowns.

In addition to being impressed by writer and director Evan Kidd’s previous work, Ferguson was drawn to Son of Clowns by how much he could relate to the main character, Hudson Cash. Throughout the film, Hudson struggles to find his place back home, a struggle familiar to Ferguson. Furthermore, both Ferguson and his character are introspective and observant, and both care deeply about their art. “Adam embodied Hudson so well that in one scene when Hudson explains his philosophy of acting and art, I couldn’t tell whether Adam was sticking to the script or improvising based on his own beliefs,” producer Bradley Bethel recalls.

For Ferguson, the roles he chooses have to matter. “Just really being able to move others is what I would like to see out of this film,” he says about Son of Clowns. Writer and director Evan Kidd believes Ferguson’s performance will indeed move audiences. “Before filming, Adam and I would talk about deep character choices, and where some of these scenes needed to come from, on a personal level,” Kidd recalls, “He was totally committed to making Hudson Cash a real person, and the range of emotions he displayed was astounding.”

When asked about the experience on the set of Son of Clowns, Ferguson smiles. “We had an awesome cast and crew,” he exclaims, “And we laughed a lot. I’ll never forget the time we were filming at about 2 AM, and our director of photography started laughing so hysterically, over the stupidest thing, and then we all started laughing with him and had to take a break because we just couldn’t stop.”

SON OF CLOWNS Adam Ferguson Eric Hartley

Actors Adam Ferguson (Hudson Cash) and Eric Hartley (Dad) rehearse for a scene filmed at the ECU Student Health Services building.

After playing the lead role in Son of Clowns, Ferguson intends to continue acting and to work behind the camera as well. He is a co-founder of LakeSide Media and hopes to direct and produce some of his own short films this year. In the meantime, he is looking forward to seeing Son of Clowns on the big screen at festivals and in theaters throughout North Carolina.

You can keep up with Adam on Twitter @AdamLeaf & on IMDb.

SON OF CLOWNS is a feature film by Raleigh native Evan Kidd. Check out our IndieGoGo campaign, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and return to often to read future blog entires about the film and the cast and crew who made it.

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