April Chats With Evan. “but who spotlights YOU?”

As many of you know, Mr. Evan Kidd and the SON OF CLOWNS team has been spotlighting the talent that brought SOC to life. 

I asked Evan, “but who spotlights YOU?” and ta-da; my take over was complete! 

So, I asked Evan a few questions and as usual he was nice enough to take the time to give me some answers.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, children of all ages, he walks, he talks, he writes and directs feature films: I give you– MR. EVAN KIDD!! 


April on set with her onscreen AND real life to be husband Eric Hartley.

April: Tell us about SOC: how long have you been working on the script? What inspired the story?

Evan: Son of Clowns tells the story of Hudson Cash. A mildly famous but ultimately unrecognizable actor who’s TV show was just cancelled. Among the chaos he moves back to North Carolina from Los Angeles to live with mom & dad. Who just so happen to run a backyard circus.

I started the writing the script right after I graduated from film school at East Carolina University in 2014 as something to write while I was on the festival circuit with my short “Displacement Welcomed” and working as a PA on several reality shows for work. Eight months later I had a feature film. The story came from a variety of places some real and some fictional. However this is by far the most personal script I’ve written and while I don’t actually have a circus family it’s more of a metaphor for what life can throw at you and how one chooses to wade those waters.

A: Tell us about the cast: Who plays your lead and what was it about him that really made you believe he was the right Hudson?

E: Our leading role of Hudson Cash is played by none other than Adam Ferguson. It’s a complex role, so I knew it would be a challenge to find the right guy. It really sounds corny but it was right at the audition that I knew. Several others had auditioned for the role and many people showed me a lot of compelling sides to the character. However when Adam’s interpretation came on I knew. Hudson needed to be someone who was shy yet very opinionated when he sees the chance. Someone who is confident in his talents but uncomfortable with his surroundings. Adam did this well with little direction from me beforehand. So naturally the gears in my head started spinning. Thinking what we could do when I could truly direct with him. And the rest his history as they say!

A: How long did it take to film SOC?

E: Believe it or not we shot the film in ten days. It was a grueling schedule that many folks often asked “are you looking to punish yourself?!”. But we pressed on due to having such an ensemble cast and finding these magical ten days where everyone was available. Multiple 15 hour days in a row were common but what helped us make it was that we were a second family. Multiple people said this to me on set. People didn’t want to stop hanging out. And I loved that atmosphere. It’s truly conducive to creating something.

A: What was your favorite moment during filming?

E: All of it?

Honestly if I had to pick one I would say there’s a scene about halfway through the movie where Hudson and his girlfriend Ellie have their first serious conversation as a couple. Every couple eventually has this occur. It’s the sink or swim moment and both Adam Ferguson who plays Hudson and Anne-Marie Kennedy, playing Ellie, knocked this scene out of the park. It’s set beside a beautiful river that just complimented the dialogue and you could honestly hear a pin drop due to this location. They can tell you I was practically dancing around after every take because the scene felt so real and lived in. I love a good character study like that.

Not to mention we shot that scene on one of the hottest days in June, there was actually a heat advisory. But we all forgot about the weather due to the performance. That’s what you want every day of the week as a director.


Adam Ferguson on set with April.

A: Are there any particular festivals that you’re really hoping to be a part of?

E: We’ll have news on that soon! And yes… tons. Ideally we want to play every festival out there and just share our story with as many audiences that will listen. We actually just got word we will screen on April 30th at the 2016 Eastern NC Film Festival in Winterville, NC. A great festival which I’ve played previously with my last short “Displacement Welcomed”! (Which you know all about April!)

April laughs.

To me it’s personal and we all feel it’s something worth telling. At the end of the day I want this to be something North Carolina can be proud of. Since we shot here locally, ideally any NC Film Festivals, and then many others beyond our great state. Far too many cool ones out there for me to name!

A: Did you have any apprehension about making a feature or did you jump right in?

E: Up until the pieces started to come together. Once those dominos fell so to speak, there was no going back and all that went away. And jumping in made the most sense to me. You look at it as this daunting task (which it is) but if you just lean in and say “we’re telling this story no matter what” you see that you have to do just that. You look around on set and there are people there. Real people. Counting on you to make this thing. So to me a feature is just a long short. Go out with the vision to tell your story (big or small) and you’ll be amazed how far you go.

A: Are you working on any projects currently that we should keep a look out for?

E: It feels weird to be picture locked with Son of Clowns. I suppose I should take a vacation or something. But honestly I am working on a feature length documentary that I can’t stay away from. It’s something very exciting I’ve been secretly shooting for the last three years on the back burner. It’s still a ways away but lookout for it. I am also starting work on the screenplay for my second feature. Hardly anything is on the page yet but now I know I’ve done it before at the very least!

SON OF CLOWNS Evan Kidd Directing Doro Niang April Vickery

Evan working with April on set.

 Thank you, Evan for giving me and everyone on the crew of SOC the opportunity to make this story come to life. I can’t wait to share it with others.

You can keep up with April on Twitter @iadc437 & on IMDb.

You can keep up with Evan on Facebook, Twitter @MrEvanKidd, & on IMDb.

SON OF CLOWNS is a feature film by Raleigh native Evan Kidd. Check out our IndieGoGo campaign, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and return to sonofclowns.com often to read future blog entires about the film and the cast and crew who made it.

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